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Brian Miller, the CEO of Magnolia and Vine started his journey with a single bracelet to raise awareness for breast cancer. For over a decade, Brian and his partners designed and created companies built on their experience in jewelry and accessories. They have continually grown and in the process built an incredibly talented design team, solid manufacturing partnerships and a proven and efficient operational foundation to provide exceptional customer service and product fulfillment. Magnolia and Vine was launched in the US February 2015 and in Canada, April 2016.

We believe that every woman is beautiful and unique. To support that belief, we designed a collection that is completely interchangeable. A line that lets you customize the pieces to go with your personality, style, fashion sense – and most importantly – your flair.

We founded Magnolia and Vine to give women the opportunity to express themselves and to help them reach their dreams of running a fun, flexible, and successful business. We want you to look great, and to succeed in being your own kind of woman.

That’s the promise behind our product—and the spirit that drives our creative company: to support women who choose to be themselves,
to live with flair and live fully. How fabulous is that?!

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