Product Care

jewelry Wear & Care Tips

Every Snap in the Magnolia and Vine collection is unique and individually handmade, which means there may be a slight variance in the size, shape and finish of each Snap.

Our jewelry is either made of a mixed alloy base or stainless steel. Real Rhodium plating in multiple color finishes is applied to increase the longevity and quality of the jewelry.

There are easy ways to care for your Magnolia and Vine jewelry. Like all plated jewelry, avoid exposure to water: remove when washing your hands, doing dishes etc. Never wear in pools or spas. In addition, contact with lotions or perfumes can permanently damage the plating. We recommend putting your jewelry on only after applying lotions, perfumes and hairspray.

If your jewelry darkens or tarnishes over time, simply wipe with a dry polishing cloth or other soft cloth to remove dirt and restore the luster. Avoid using liquid jewelry cleaners or treated polishing cloths, these can strip the plating and cause permanent damage.

Vegan Leather Wear & Care Tips

Magnolia and Vine Versa handbags and Accents, along with a selection of our other Snap handbags, wallets and some base jewelry pieces are made from vegan leather. Vegan leather is a great substitute for genuine leather, offering a realistic leather look at a fraction of the cost. No animals are harmed or used in production.

There are easy ways to care for vegan leather. Use warm water with a soft cloth to wipe down the surface. For tougher stains or spots, consider using a mild detergent and rub lightly. Use a soft cloth to wipe dry.

If you collect our Versa wrap or flap Accents, you’ll want to take steps to protect when storing. The wraps and flaps are shipped with a cardboard sleeve, simply top each Accent with a sleeve and stack.